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#34 Reggie Riverbear

The power of community, sacred self- care and a taking responsibility with Reggie Riverbear. In this talk we share our collective passions and missions to support the feminine and leave our love imprint to uplift humanity. I had the honor recently to sit with Reggie in a beautiful women’s gathering in Malibu California. And witnessed her soulful voice bath the space with grace. We talk about the transformation and importance of sacred self care and feminine wealth.

Reggie is a mystical mama and holds magical space in community with her humor, insights, and healing sound current.

It is this role as a conscious leader that we all have an opportunity to see our own reflection in a positive light and remind ourselves that taking responsibility for ourselves and heal our unresolved issues makes the world a better place.

Creating a new story and living by the rules and playbook that elevates your souls calling is why we are all here. As I sat with her in her temple space I saw that refection, remembering and reminding myself once a again that we are all here to hold space for each and teach what we know that others can rise along with us. There is so much magic and gold in this talk as we weave and explore the value of mindful parenting and the inner strength that comes from having a container to grow and evolve spiritually. Moments of remembering why we are both doing the work and the joy and transformation in feminine community. We both loved the common ground of sacred self- care and using our emotions to navigate through lives obstacles and finding deeper meaning within. I hope you enjoy this talk as much as I did and feel the love and compassion.

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