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The blessing in this pandemic was this extra time I was able to spend with my Marley. I have been so grateful for the chance to connect, play, and communicate not only as mother to daughter but, now, as woman to woman. I am so incredibly proud of the woman she has become and this talk was a beautiful reflection for me, as her mother, as a job well done. (Yes, I am prizing myself as all mothers should do!)⁣⁣


Marley is a woman who lives by her own rules, with healthy boundaries, and carries herself with beauty, grace, and a heart wide open to receive. I never felt more confident that she has what it takes to thrive in all areas of her life and that has made every bump in the road, every tough moment of self-reflection, and every moment of worry beyond worthwhile.⁣⁣


This podcast touches my heart similarly and is something I will treasure forever. We hope all of you that listen will share this feeling, be inspired to open up the same dialogues in your own relationships, and learn some things about yourself along the way. It was our intention to be open, honest, and share from a heartfelt place to inspire our audience. Like always, I want you to leave our conversations with insights, tools, and takeaways to adopt as your own — and we’re confident that you will.

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