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#32 Ariane Labrynth Pacy

Always so much Magik and fun with the magical tantric sorceress Ariana Labyrinth. There are many take ways as we explore our passion for dance alchemy and how potent listening to our body’s intelligence invites a larger scope of our current reality.

Her perspective and esoteric teachings are multi- dimensional birthed from early childhood experiences and life beyond the veil. Her passion speaks volumes as she shares her tools and techniques that open the creative mind and a world where cosmic meditation, dance alchemy, rave –inspired festivals and cosmic cabaret’s Collide.

We are all transforming collectively and it has never been a better time in our lives to expand into this new world and

ever evolving times. I know many of you that listen to my podcast are already exploring alternative ways to find greater, peace, happiness, and a high vibe lifestyle. But this talk really accentuates the sensory being and how to activate and curate that mindset shift to create deeper meaning in your daily life.

Whether you sun gaze or dance in the moonlight this conversation will shed light as Ariane and I explore her light lineage and the ways she uplifts and inspires us all!

Like always, Think big, feel more and explore.

Hope you enjoy!

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