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In a thrilling conversation with the wise April Tout, we discuss microbiome lineage from a whole new perspective. If you ever wanted to better understand and ‘get to know’ your inner ecosystem, then this talk will answer all your questions. April breaks it all down. What is candida? How can we be our own healer? What is intuitive eating? We dive into all of these topics and more, from the power and properties of fungi to the ways in which we can use food to expand our experience. Sometimes in this fast-paced world we forget our connection with ourselves and the world around us.

When balanced, our inner and outer ecology can bring us great peace and inner flow. From this place of harmony, we can tap into other areas of our life in a more abundant way. We have the power today to become our own healer, take control of our health and listen to our gut- the seed of intuition -and our brain, the centerpiece of the wellbeing of our entire inner landscape. Sprinkled in with some fairy love from the hills in Topanga, California, April shares her wisdom as an artist and openly discusses her journey in healing herself and others.

This is an important conversation to tune into if you want to begin your own journey of self-healing and begin to dive deeper into an alternative approach to medicine and preventive health measures. Who doesn’t want to become their own alchemist, creating and experimenting with tinctures and herbs? I’m sure I’m not alone in this! This has been a passion of mine for years and it was a pleasure and a privilege to connect with a stewardess of the land who appreciates the magic that is available to all of us when we trust there is another way.

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April is the digestive health educator, herbalist, and healing arts practitioner behind Flowers and Fungi. Her call to nurture through the ways of the flora is rooted in bio-individuality. She aims to support those on their chronic illness journey by means of connection to nature’s realms of the unseen: microscopic and energetic



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