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As human beings, we are incredibly resilient by nature. All that we have endured in the past year really sheds light to this truth. I’ve worked in a trauma center for over two years now and have heard the unimaginable in my work. Trauma comes in all shapes and forms, taking place in all of our lives in unique ways. Traumatic experiences leave lasting imprints on our soul and largely impact our lives as a whole.

Survival instructor Chad Keel is a testament to this resiliency and was kind enough to share his fascinating journey with us in the latest episode. He discussed his perseverance in fighting harsh elements in his travels as well as overcoming both inner and outer obstacles. I was in awe of his courage in the face of such challenging situations. His use of many of the tools I seek to share in All About YOU was beautifully validating and reminded me of just how valuable this inner work is with regards to self-intimacy and self-mastery. Chad has wonderfully navigated his inner and outer worlds while coming to terms with childhood trauma and has built a career on teaching others to break down their barriers with his extensive knowledge.

The collective journey we share of healing our childhood wounds and finding a different perspective through spirituality is what made this conversation so close to my heart. We ventured deep in this talk with our personal stories of traversing the often bumpy terrain that is the human experience. Chad’s book “Perspective Shift” touches on these topics as well, outlining the road to finding that inner peace and ultimate fulfillment we can obtain when we live life on purpose with deeper meaning. His incredible goal setting and self-discipline was the biggest takeaway for me personally and I’m so inspired by how he’s used these abilities to create a life filled with abundance on many levels. The parallels on our different journeys illustrate that regardless of what challenges you may face, activating your spiritual muscle will lead you to deep sustainable happiness. I hope you tap into your own inner superhero and find a new perspective.

Happy trail blazing!

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