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“Imagine if you could reformat your brain patterning to end issues such as generalized anxiety, fear of judgment and rejection, need for approval, confidence issues, social anxiety, depression, addictions, feeling overwhelmed and tired, and poor performance.” This is a quote from Luca Bosurgi; a hypnotist, life and spiritual coach who specializes in anxiety, addictions, traumas and AED (adult emotional dependency). I’ve been fortunate enough to have Luca as a guest on my podcast and I’m beyond excited to share his knowledge with you all.

As a trauma therapist, I listen to people for a living. I know from both my personal experiences and my clients’ lives just how much shame and guilt can come with taking ownership and changing the things our lives that are no longer serving us.

It has always been my intention to share people, tools, resources, and different perspectives through my podcast. There are many approaches to healing our trauma and hidden wounds and I am blessed to be surrounded by so many incredibly knowledgeable people on this subject. When you begin to listen from the heart, you’ll find it speaks an entirely different story than those that come from the mind. Luca and I had a great conversation regarding this disconnect of the mind and the heart and how to work with and understand the two to better your life.

One of my first encounters with Luca’s work was in a group session. His words gave me so much clarity about healing and the ever-evolving journey it is with no true end destination. Seeking and searching to deepen more into my own soul’s evolution landed me in the hills of Topanga Canyon trying to make sense of it all as Luca and I extrapolated the pain and suffering of the heart.

Most of us manage to look fine on the outside, but we have a deep inner world that we either choose to explore or choose to deny. It is not easy to navigate the dark corners of our soul. It is extremely difficult, takes great courage, and is often hard to do on our own. For those of you wanting to find more meaning and purpose please check out Luca’s work and check out for my free online course. Your future self will thank you!

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