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Janis Isaman, founder of My Body Couture, has a passion for helping people navigate

and heal their bodies through various different modalities. She goes far beyond

tending to physical injuries, educating and supporting her clients along the way. I

love how listening to the body’s intuition with the intention to create sustainability

on all levels is mutually important in both of our work, and because of this shared

interest, we were able to have one of my favorite talks yet. With a similar passion

and mission to be of service, we were able to discuss the ways in which it’s possible

to help others explore and connect with their bodies from our own perspectives.

The body’s intelligence is an immeasurably powerful, insightful conversation and

we could’ve gone on for hours on this very subject alone. This talk was full of

beautiful takeaways on how we can release the guilt and shame we have been

conditioned to buy into over many decades as women. Together, Janis and I break

down the belief systems and talk about how to rebuild a more self-honoring and

supportive way of showing up for ourselves, feeling embodied and looking sexy at

any and every age.

Hope you enjoy!

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