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#33 Suzy Prudden

Sometimes you meet someone and just know that the relationship is divinely orchestrated. Suzy Pruden is that someone in my life and the Catalyst to my Itty Bitty Book, 15 Steps to Emotional Intelligence. this woman has done it all, from her riches to rags life experiences, Ted talk , her appearance on Oprah plus New York Times bestselling Books, Suzy always leaves me feeling inspired, empowered and motivated to take action! She has been such a beautiful reflection of how our mind creates our reality - the highs the lows and everything in between are beautiful reminders that challenges can become opportunities- After listening to Suzy share her secrets to how she navigates her way through life, you’ll be ready to head out into the World and face life’s obstacles with gratitude, knowing there in lies the doorways to your dreams!

Hope you enjoy!

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