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I have come to believe that we are deeply inhibited, held back from the true experiences of self that are wanting to emerge from our core essence. I believe we need a lack of structure to allow the language of the body, and thus the language of the soul, to come to the forefront of our consciousness to further unlock our potentials in life.

The language of the deep subconscious is the symbolic, archetypal language, which goes beyond linear patterns of movement and choreography. We need total freedom, a complete lack of structure to allow the body mind to express itself as one unit. In this conversation with Cher Jolyne of Shamanic Fitness We discuss the path and process to express and connect to these deeper parts of ourselves. This is a talk that is close to my heart and where my healing journey really amplified to another level!

Through our womb we heal, we birth, we cry, we manifest, we create, we love! This embodiment work is the future for all women to enhance their personal power and life force energy!

Please DM if are ready to explore your womb wisdom. Cher and I will be creating a workshop to dive deep into these sacred practices. Blessings and healing my soul tribe!

Loving you xx


Growing up as a highly sensitive child, movement has always created a vibrant pathway for Cher Jolyne to express herself and process emotion. She has spent years studying the MIND/SOUL/BODY connection through advanced yoga asana, breathwork, and a plethora of healing modalities including Pranic healing, Somatic trauma therapy, Reiki, Craniosacral therapy and quantum healing. Through her work as a quantum touch practitioner she has been able to strengthen her own ability to move through trauma and in turn, help others do the same. After years of taking one-on-one clients she eventually started to guide group healing sessions and sensual embodiment workshops that focus on activating the creative powers within to heal. She believes" Prayer is a force as real as Gravity, a highly sophisticated technology that we embody through activating the divinity within"....and healing gets to FEEL GOOD" “I consider myself a ‘metaphysical midwife’ and am able to see others in their highest and gently guide them towards reclaiming their power (which only they can do) whether it be with an individual client or creating containers like @shamanicfitness in which we come together as a whole to heal and birth ourselves into the highest timeline of our individual purpose and it’s connection in service to the whole utilizing the power of the womb consciousness. Even as a kid I was a “see’er”, communicating with angels and crystals as a kid, I feel like my life has been guiding me back into deeper and deeper depths of that. I am again and again humbled by the power of embracing both shadow and light, witnessing the power of choosing love and the all encompassing support of the divine.” - Cher Jolyne

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