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Contrary to what you might think, we all actually have two minds. The head ‘ego mind’ and the ‘heart mind’. It’s essential to trust that our heart mind can guide us to our soul’s purpose. Our heart actually communicates with the brain, giving us insight to the way we perceive the world around us. We have been conditioned to make choices that satisfy the ego mind-- which can sometimes lead us down that old paradigm mind set of goal-oriented processing.

It has been my mission and driving force to make lifestyle choices that resonate with the language of the heart. In this talk with @corbettjulia , the cosmic photographer and nature lover, we dive deep into the power of the heart mind through cocoa ceremony and the concept of connecting with the land. In the alchemy of drinking cocoa with intention, we have an opportunity to allow our hearts to expand into the truth of our divine mission. Julia holds a space in nature as our muse to surrender into the tenderness of our heart’s desire as she captures the essence of our truth through her cosmic lens.

The heart speaks softly with all the wisdom of the soul. Your heart will guide you through life in ways that your ego mind cannot. It is the wise teacher within that brings voice to the subconscious and acts on the call of the central wisdom. Do you hear the call? Silence your mind, silence your phone, listen to that small voice within, and let the magic happen.

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