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In the words of Jen, “Style never goes out of fashion.” With her Principe principle, she helps others communicate their true essence through their clothing with ease.

Meet @Jenniferprincipe, one sexy, stylish mama and a friend to my community. I have admired Jen for over two decades. We share a love for exploring and trying new things to feed our curious minds.

In this talk, we traverse down memory lane discussing how we stayed true to our calling while raising kids, how feeding your passions feeds your soul, and how motherhood has been our first priority. With her zest for life and mission to be of service, Jennifer’s driving force is to share her wisdom to gift others with a heart filled with love and a thriving soul.

It was such an honor to sit down and have this conversation as we discussed personal growth and dissected “The Phoenix Effect” project that is so near and dear to her heart. In this fantasy photo shoot, Jen merged her passion for fashion and empowering those around her, helping women and girls with life threatening diseases to feel loved and beautiful.

With Jennifer Principe, there is never enough time to fully capture how incredible she is. If you want to know more about God shots, dressing for success, and living on purpose make sure to join Jen and I for this episode!

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