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As John Lennon once said: “All we need is love.” Love is the highest frequency on the planet and can heal us in endless ways. It is necessary for a healthy mind, body, and spirit and there is truly no greater power.

We all need and want love in our lives as it is not only one of our basic needs but also liberates us. It provides life force energy, whether that love be shared with our romantic partners, children, pets, careers, or nature. Remember to take time to appreciate the many abundant things the universe gifts us, big and small, and love it in all forms. Our energy is infinite, and life is magical. It isn’t as easy as it sounds to stay this open and optimistic, but we as humans are here to create relationships; to feel and experience love in all ways possible.

Have you ever explored why we sacrifice so much for love? Your spiritual heart yearns for that reflection in others so you can see the depth of your own heart. We all know that feeling of joy, excitement, and unbridled ecstasy when we are accepted and loved by peers and significant others. It allows us to feel liberated from the negative parts of ourselves that we push away and allow to drag us down. This talk will have you floating on that euphoric cloud.

When we feel heartbroken or denied of love from others it is difficult to shake the overwhelming emotions as that fluffy cloud turns dark and gray. It showers us with insecurities, self-doubt, and hopelessness. It is in this shadow self that our wounds and unfinished soul work are revealed. This is the true journey of discovering that extraordinary love we seek, not only with others, but with ourselves as well.

Often, the most daunting thing of all to love is yourself. It takes a lot of courage to open up deeper parts of ourselves and accept the good with the bad and ugly. Learning to make peace with seemingly undesirable sides of yourself and creating a relationship of self-acceptance will always be worth it. This is really the journey of the ALL ABOUT YOU podcast and what inspires me every day to go deeper within and get to know myself at the core. When we choose to live from a heart-centered place, our hearts spread open to receive. This love is limitless and timeless and becomes the fuel that drives all your choices, welcoming meaning and purpose into your life. As we begin to excavate this uncharted territory, we meet our biggest teacher LOVE in all its glory.

This conversation with Gabriella, a good friend and classmate from many moons ago, brings us to the forefront of what it takes to dive deep into our loving. The skills needed and awareness it takes to navigate the beauty of our heart. I am so excited to share her work and her mission to help women unveil the depth of their own hearts, deep desires, and passions so they can give and receive love in the healthiest, most bountiful ways. We all come with our unique expression of love and I hope that this conversation gifts you with an expansion of your heart and mind so you can explore new ways of living and loving. Love is our biggest teacher I am so excited to share my good friend Gabriella Taylor and her incredible work to understand the complex emotions and feelings that come with our tender hearts. Life is brighter and far more beautiful when filled with joy and passion.

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