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Beyond excited to share this conversation with Alyson Charles: the Rockstar shaman, spirit animal medium, and spiritual teacher.

It takes a lot of courage to look at the parts of ourselves that need improvement. Have you ever looked at your shadow side-- that darker side of yourself-- the parts of you beneath the social mask? We often keep this tucked away, out of sight, and out of mind.

I love this talk with Alyson as we dive headfirst into this conversation and explore those hidden truths. As seekers of excavating our souls, we both know how rewarding and rich this work is when we take responsibility to look within. When you are on a spiritual path, this is the work!

In order to grow, evolve, and heal, we must look at our wounded shadow self. In creating a new relationship with these aspects of ourselves, we have an opportunity to heal on an emotional, mental, and spiritual level. This is some of the most rewarding and challenging work I have ever done.

Take the time to look within for those buried treasures and allow yourself to get to know new parts of yourself that you’ve denied out of fear. It’s a daunting journey, but this is why we are here. This is the gateway to the real change and freedom within.

I admire those that embark on that journeyto seek their truth, take responsibility for themselves, and do the real work to reveal what’s lurking in the shadow. I’ve challenged myself in this same way and I am here to say that it takes a lot of soul sweat and dedication to reveal those hidden truths. This is the soul medicine we all need to tap into, it is this vulnerability we find our super power. This talk with Alyson not only reminds me of how much I cherish having conversations that are raw and real, but also of the essence of love. For those of you that seek a deeper connection with yourself, thatjourney is possible, powerful, and extremely enriching. Alyson and I explored both the peaks and the valleys as we shared our stories of taking a walk off the beaten path and facing unknown territory. When we traverse this inner landscape we find the hidden treasures, uniquely designed just for you. This conversation will give you the experience of the shift you need to truly be your authentic self and live as a spiritual being having a human experience. As dark as times may get, it is crucial to remember that on the other side there is always lightwaiting for you. Happy journeying, and we will see you on the other side!




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