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This upcoming episode features an extremely intimate, heartfelt talk with my Kundalini yoga sister @cynthagonzales. This soul driven creatrix is on a mission to heal and inspire, rooted in a unique background and spreading her wisdom all across the globe. I was fortunate enough to have her land on my doorstep and spend two hours discussing relationships. I am ecstatic to share her countless lessons and stories regarding conscious relationships, the gifts of infidelity, and her vision quests in the remote UAE sand dunes (approximately 3 hours from Dubai). Believe it or not, these are just a fraction of the topics we touched on in this multi-dimensional look into intimacy. This multifaceted conversation spins magic, and most divinely, the alchemy of our friendship as we share energy. My passion for years has been providing a voice to all the beauty and gifts of being a woman.

In our collective missions to uplift, inspire, and curate soul talk, we can’t help but embrace that Shakti medicine. Through compassionate self-forgiveness and our emotional intelligence, we all have an opportunity to live radically alive. I encourage you to listen to this deep talk as we dive into our truths and collective mission.

Seeking the truth and being devoted to the alchemy of the soul is a devotion and longing for the deeper meaning of life. As life comes at us, we often retreat into the solace of our heart-mind seeking meaning that our ego minds often struggle to find clarity within. Most everyone carries some form of trauma with them, consciously or unconsciously, and Cynthia has so graciously woven through the interplay of relationships for you to find closure and understanding in your battles. With compassion and incredible forgiveness, she reminds us of the blessings that can often override the pain and suffering that leaves us feeling frozen without hope. Her dynamic approach to navigating the healing modalities as an application to evolve, transform, and heal show us the potential in our light to overshadow those dark clouds. This is the voice of the soul as it expands and the courage of a heart that takes risks.

I love each and every one of these talks so dearly and am so grateful for the love and beautiful feedback I’ve received from so many of you. Thank you for listening and subscribing. It means the world to me.

Big love




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