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Just when you thought you knew it all on wellness, health, vitality, and all things to optimize your wellbeing: there is something new. Now more than ever, with the information overload on social media, we’re constantly trying to keep up with all of the trends. Latest and greatest rules all. Moe from the healing tree tea apothecary and wellness hub in my neighborhood of Thousand Oaks, California has been my favorite place to stop. I drop in and tea binge, always leaving with new concoctions that are perfectly in alignment with my ever-evolving passions. As I was beginning my journey into writing my first book last year, I often came up for a breath and a trip to visit Moe for tea. With his intuitive medicinal blends that always took me right back to where I needed to be, I was able to source creativity from the chakra root and activate my Shakti feminine wealth and creatrix offerings. That’s how magical and medicinal his blends really are. I am currently drinking Valerian Dreams, an incredible tea that gently eases me into a deep cosmic sleep. I was so ecstatic to talk herbs and their benefits with Moe on my podcast and share my little hide away. Moe opened our chat on the ancient tradition of Taoist medicine rooted in Chinese medicine. As I tried to bring the herbs to the forefront, Moe began to explain the Randle effect on diet and PUFA oils. I sipped my Jasmine Silver Needle tea, in complete awe of his seemingly endless wisdom and knowledge. If you want to know all you need to know about cellular function , healthy liver optimization and how illness and disease take hold in the body, this talk will give you much to ponder. For all of you that geek out on telomere length, mitochondria for healthy aging, or even how to regenerate your liver to have a healthy thyroid: I know this talk will make you pause and take a trip to the healing tree. You may reconsider juicing your kale. This, actually, was the second time I heard that kale might not be the best thing for us. What? A couple weeks ago I heard a talk with Dave Asprey, the bullet-proof guru, and he said skip the kale, salt, and be cautious with nuts and grains that may increase your endotoxins and inflammation. Moe said the same. I intently listened had an aha! moment once again when Moe shared how cows milk healed him. Was I falling prey like many to the social media rabbit hole? DAIRY free…why was I dairy free? Because nut milks where all the rage? I absolutely loved yogurt and cheese. I don’t know why I use almond milk in my granola. Or why I told my kids that we don’t drink cows milk. As I always do … “I forgive myself for judging myself.” I recalibrate, do my research, and moved forward. Which is what we all should do when we get new information. Be open to new ideas, rather than always staying rooted in what we think we know. We can make mindful choices and decide on what works for us individually based on how we feel energetically. I often quote myself as being a “qualitarian”, with whatever I surround myself with, ranging from food to my bed sheets. I am reminded once again that intuitive eating is the best way. The wellness journey is ever evolving as science and technology give us access to a wealth of new information every day. In this talk with Moe, I discover a new perspective. The things we believe are healthy may, in reality, not actually be the best things for us and our body. This conversation is so flooded with information, it’s hard to quickly preview it all. I know for sure that if you listen to the entire podcast, you will leave with new downloads and curiosity. This conversation will leave you searching for more. Moe explains in detail where I fall short. I know what I need to do to be radically alive and he knows how to take me there. This is where you evaluate your programming and belief systems. Know that what you eat could have an impact on your kids and grandkids DNA. SO cheers to rebuilding tissues, reprogramming our DNA, and extending our telomeres.




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