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Our bodies store the truth deep within. When we connect to our bodies’ intelligence, we have an opportunity to find a deeper meaning to our life on multi-sensory level. We move our bodies with the intention to explore aspects of ourselves that are waiting to be activated. Think beyond IQ, or any conventional measurement of intelligence. Redefine the word to illustrate your sensory capabilities and control over perception, rather than retention of information or critical thinking.

In the past, I viewed Dance as being entirely performative. Once I shifted my perception, I discovered the power in movement was medicine for the soul.

When we dive into the language of being and express it through our body, the great mystery of our existence feels as if it’s no longer such a mystery. Applying erotic sensual movement opens these portals connected to our sensuality, sexuality, and creativity.

Fall in love with yourself and dance with your spirit. In this formless form, we get soul power and let our bodies move in an organic way to surrender and trust into the alchemy of a new life energy that revitalizes us, reinvents us, and rewires us. The ecstasy of your own creation moves into form.

This is an egoless place. Time shifts as we let go, and all of the fear, stress, judgments, and limiting beliefs wither away. As we surrender to the experience, the body expands, leaving you with a desire for more.


Now more than ever, we are needing and wanting ways to feel connected to the core of who we are. Looking for answers and asking questions that leave our minds looping the same patterns. When we drop from our heads into our bodies and use our senses to open portals to hidden pathways, we discover our inner treasure chest.

In this talk with Rie, we dive into the depths of pleasured based movement for activating the female sensual body.

When we breathe into our bodies and slow down, our minds soften into our core to feel the subtleties of existence we often overlook. We begin to experience ourselves in full, and feel our bodies’ intelligence. It is the energy of motion that allows us to apply intuition and inner knowing to follow our destiny. This physical process goes far beyond the tangible experience, making us more fluid in our thoughts and emotions.

A linear way of thinking leaves us stuck in old patterns and chaos. Flowing in our femininity is a sensual, lyrical form. This is the time to let go and let life in.




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