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What does it really mean to be an embodied woman? I find that to be a very ambiguous question with lots of room for interpretation… that is truly what this journey is all about. Everything becomes relative, and your experiences create your own unique meanings to terms like embodied woman. Connecting with the sensual you that yearns for self-intimacy, deeper connection, and authentic self-expression will open your eyes to knowledge that no textbook will provide. The only way to truly know what feels best is gathering up the courage to explore new aspects of yourself. This will open new pathways to feed into your creativity, sacred heart, and ultimately construct a life of purpose and love.

This bleeds into the next topic of discovering your own self-authority and deep feminine knowing. As women, we get lost in translation trying to keep up with the overwhelming demands of self care and roles that we often didn’t know we signed up for. So how do we discern our sovereignty and untamed bridle passion that is innately ours? Or we could address the even bigger question- did you know that there is a passionate, playful side of you that craves sensuality, pleasure, and mystery ?

There are many rites of passages as we ascend into true feminine magnetism. Are you prepared to RECEIVE the feminine wealth in order to inspire your dreams and desires?

This talk with Allie @allisonmarielomax dives into the womb of our unlimited potential.

Women’s wellness isn’t spoken about enough. We are here to talk about all the crucial steps in overcoming challenges and maintaining a happy healthy life that go unnoticed. Sharing our experiences is so important and creates a sense of belonging in one another. When we open this portal of direct knowing, we make choices that support our higher visions and creativity. Through intentional circles, we come home to our hearts as we see the archetypes in others that lie dormant waiting to be explored. The ability to explore these aspects of ourselves gives us an opportunity have a new relationship with parts of ourselves that we often shamed or pushed away. Listen as Allie and I talk about the importance of ceremony and having a reflection from another sister that mirrors the beauty within.




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