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We all want to live luxurious, successful, happy lives. However, we often are so dead-set on these goals we fail to remember that riches and prosperity come in many forms- many of which are right in front of our faces.

I was programmed from as early as I can remember to find happiness in material things, spending my youth completely unaware of just how fulfilling internal personal victories can be. It wasn’t until many years later that I slowed down enough to see the flicker of light radiating from my soul. In that moment, I paused and explored aspects of myself that were painful to visit. It took courage I didn’t know that I had, but this brutal confrontation was what I needed. In the face of transformation, I saw clarity.

How do we transform? How do we live from the inside and venture into that unchartered territory of our inner landscape?

You must be brave and trust that in taking this leap of faith, you will gain in the end. When I finally accessed a glimpse of my inner landscape, a lifelong mystery began to unfold. Who was I?

That’s when transformation looks you deep in the eyes. The voice of the soul that cries out for acknowledgment and validation. Allow it to be seen. In my talk with Stefanos Sifandos, we explore the path of transformation. The courage it takes to get brutally honest with yourself, shift the mindset, and evolve to live a life that is in alignment with your dreams. As the layers shed, and the true form of self is revealed, you discover the prosperity of the soul and heart mind. As you progress to new levels of your own personal development, you are often blindsided with the raw-ness and vulnerability of the unknown. Having this new perspective lends hand to creating a life that resonates from the heart mind.

When the heart is fulfilled, life starts happening for you instead of to you. The risk has its payoff, and you’ll reap the benefits of the beautiful experiences to come. I love this talk with Stefanos as we relive the moments of our own pain and soul sweat, and crossover into taking responsibility for our own happiness. Take the opportunity to pursue these self-honoring acts and begin the road to an expanded version of yourself. Love yourself, honor yourself, befriend yourself. The ecstasy in this newfound discovery pulls you forward, leaving the toxic pieces of yourself behind as you trailblaze into unlimited potential. The real prosperity and success is living a life on purpose, feeling passionate, and radically alive.

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