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#12 KIMBERLY DAWN (Mom's With Purpose & Passion Series)

To all the moms out there: I appreciate, respect, and cherish you!

It is through you that I found inspiration to launch my monthly podcast Moms With Purpose And Passion, as an extension to my current All About You podcast.

Meet Kimberly Dawn. She is one of those women in my community that many look to for inspiration. Kim exemplifies a woman with passion. She finds drive in her music while leading a purposeful life in our community of Westlake Village, California. She is constantly looking out for others; whether it be participating in charity work with Casa Pacifica, lending a helping hand in school functions, or offering support for members of our community. Kim always leaves a lasting impression with her generous heart.

She is a loving wife, incredible mother, and an extraordinarily devoted friend to her tribe of women. In this episode, Kim shares how she manages to find time in her busy, often chaotic life to stay true to her passion of being a songstress. If you want to know how she does it all: writing, performing, traveling, and manifesting a life that we all might be a little envious of, she lays it all out on the table in All About You.

When I first got a peek into her sacred, creative space, it opened up a new level of fascination in me. If you get a glimpse in her closet, you’re likely to feel that way too. In Kim’s words, she lives in her “Barbie dream mansion” that she manifested as a little girl. We can all learn how to have more balance in our lives with grace and ease and Kimberly Dawn has mastered that skill. It was such a pleasure and so much fun to spend time in her beautiful home, recording study and dreamy closet. We both have four kids and are on a mission to help others. I adore this beautiful woman and I know you will too.

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