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I walked into café gratitude a couple years ago on a blind date, so kindly set up by our mutual friend. I could hardly contain my excitement knowing that this was going to be a friend, a soul sister, and a plethora of precious memories to come. And that she was: Rachel Londyn. Rachel smiled and waved and my heart was uplifted. We all have those moments. When you know, you just know. And here we are now, having a great talk about all of the things that matter to both of us.

In this conversation we revisit that first moment. We knew we had done this before in a distant star galaxy. I can get a bit galactic in my star seed lineage. As I sat down, Rachel asked me if I was a Pleiadian. “I thought you would never ask!” I knew. She knew.

Some call us the sparkling sun; multi-dimensional spirit-beings, bringing light, knowledge, and wisdom.

Meet Rachel London

The multi-dimensional artist who creates her art and music from a cosmically energetic portal to reveal the gifts your soul was here to create. Her artistic mastery perfectly embodies a high vibrational portal to activate YOU in curating the seen and unseen worlds that words often can’t express. This transmission is the channel, the truth: we are all spiritual beings merely having a human experience.

We drop into our humanness and dive into a variety of exciting subjects. Come have an experience of the divine feminine as we discuss the topics that matter. Do you want to live and make conscious choices that are in alignment with honoring your soul? The intimacy of self-care and self-honor is in your choices. Let loose: learn to find comfort in the fact that playfulness is sexy and living ritualistically will set you free.

Her lyrics bridge these two worlds that we are all “stardust” and just want to be have a bigger experience of LOVE. “Love me harder” “Hold onto me longer”



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