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We all seek to feel and experience love. Both self-love and the love of those who surround us are imperative to leading a life with a wide open heart. In my life, I’ve come in contact with several outstanding women that truly understand the depth of this feeling as a powerful tool to navigate through the heart mind. Together, Nikki and I dive into the abyss of love and explored all of its forms.

Love is a basic need and when we have a full love vessel we are at our prime creatively, overflowing into all areas of our lives. Love and sex. Familial love. Platonic love. Love for our pets. Love of nature. Love of chocolate. Love of travel. Love for food. The list goes on and on, for every one of us. There are countless ways to give and receive love. Do you give yourself permission to let love in, even if you’ve been wounded by it? Do you live in love or live in fear?

I love this conversation with Nikki because of how transparent we were able to be with our own journeys and the trials and tribulations that we faced in relation to love. We discuss far beyond a simple romantic ‘I love you’ or any of the traditional expressions of the feeling. Seeing it from a new perspective offers you the opportunity to pinpoint the lessons that loving relationships are able to gift us. Our hearts are tender and fragile, but they are intended to heal and learn to set healthy boundaries. To honor the heart will set you up for the growth and expansion we all search for.

Show Notables

  • Don't we want to live from a place of love, feel love all the time?

  • when our parents went to go watch a movie and they left us with the babysitter, like that can create a wound of abandonment even though it really wasn't abandonment

  • People experience heartbreak and then they closed their heart and it becomes a protective Mechanism.

  • why we want to live from our hearts and shine our hearts and be who we truly are

  • you go back there and you almost relive that trauma. And that's kind of what soul retrievals about.

  • Healing process to love has many dark nights of the soul.

  • meditation is an amazing tool that helps us really have this zoomed out view of what's going on.

  • you can really transform things from fear to love because you're witnessing it.

  • being your own therapist

  • Focusing on the breath

  • if you need to cry, cry, cry so much. And then when you're done crying, okay, let it go.

  • if you're going to choose between and glass of wine or going on a nature walk, it's definitely nature walk

  • the most intimate way you can be with yourself and another is in silence

  • Everyone needs a minute to be in silence with themselves

  • even just doing five deep inhales and exhales really can reset. It changes your blood chemistry. So it really does create a change in how we feel.

  • Daily rituals

  • gargling coconut oil in my mouth to get rid of any toxins

  • superfood smoothie that's full of everything. Like Kale, Chia seeds, flaxseeds, minerals, different kinds of protein powders, etc.

  • Like everything organic, everything, highest quality, no preservative, straight from nature.

  • absolutely no sugar.

  • I do prayers, like I'm very clear on what my goals and intentions are

  • I don't eat any processed foods, no gluten, no dairy. If I do have fish, it's wild. No sugar, no baked goods. That's like slow poison for the body

  • three things you’re really grateful for.

  • When you catch someone really complaining or even they're complaining about a person, be like, well what do you like about the person?

  • doing that thing that I wouldn't normally do, but I know it's for the human experience, so I'm just going to enjoy this sensual delight I'm very conscious and I know what I'm doing.

  • Give yourself credit and be a little bit compassionate and even be proud of yourself for all the things that you're managing and what you're doing and where you are.

  • I really give myself permission to just let myself do these things for me

  • Victim mentality

Dr. Nikki Starr is a Medical Doctor turned transformational coach, healer, speaker, writer, and entrepreneur. She creates programs and facilitates classes that help you look within and connect with your deeper self. Always guided with love!



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