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In 2003, I walked into The University of Santa Monica to embark on the journey of receiving a masters in spiritual psychology. As a mom with two little girls at home, I was riddled with guilt as I left one weekend a month, venturing out of mommy mode into ALL ABOUT ME. At the time, I really didn’t know what to expect. The only certainty I felt was that my life would change forever; and it most definitely did. Where to begin…

One weekend a month, we were taught a skill and then applied it in trio format experientially with 220 other like-minded soul tribe members. We dove deep into our studies, completely reprogramming ourselves and dismantling how we viewed the world. Our belief systems and everything we were raised to believe would be called into question. Like many, the typical goal line in life was the only way I knew how to navigate. We’re raised to believe that obtaining the college degree, the house, the kids, the perfect marriage, having the ability to travel, feeding the ego, and denying our souls genuine happiness is the only formula for happiness and success. I wholeheartedly lived by the shallowness of this mindset until Ron and Mary Hulnick showed up in my life. The pioneers and founders of USM, the soul centered approach to living, changed by perception of myself entirely. I had yet to discover that I was a spiritual being having a human experience until I stepped foot in this program and my world was flipped upside down. Or rather, right side up. Finally, I was seeing everything through a different lens, and manufacturing a life dictated only by my own rules. For the first time, I was allowing my heart mind to be the ruler of my domain and my soul the compass to guide the way. It was the biggest gift I had ever given myself and I am so excited to share the woman-- who forever changed my life-- with you. She was my spiritual mentor, someone I admire so much, with qualities that I knew would one day would become a part of me as I navigated my way as a spiritual being having a human experience. Everything I knew up until this moment was simply a compilation of others’ projections of me. I can honestly admit that I never knew who I truly was. My sense of self was in shambles, my purpose was clouded, and I wasn’t aware of how to be fully present in my body without the tools and skills USM provided to teach me to live from my heart mind. This was the beginning of my life’s work to love myself like I’ve never been loved, to know myself like I’ve never known how, and to build friendships with portions of myself that I often used to run from. As I began to integrate and live from this place, I understood the meaning of gratitude in all its grace. My heart overflowed with emotion as I walked up the stairs to Mary’s office to discuss how to stay in our loving, be loyal to our souls, and find purpose and meaning in our lives. This conversation will leave your heart wanting more and your soul speaking to you. Please give yourself the gift of this talk as we share the journey into waking up from the past, evolving into YOU, and knowing that there is another perspective to life. What an honor to share this being of light Dr. Mary Hulnick!



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