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Don’t go chasing waterfalls…One of our most precious resources, Water plays an essential role in all of our lives. I wanted to take a moment here and pay respect to something we often take for granted as we lose ourselves in our busy lifestyles. To some extent, we’re all familiar with our own unique relationships with the powerful healing benefits of water. We take baths to soothe our minds and hot showers to mend our sore bodies. Whether it be the therapeutic crashing of waves on the beach, the comfort of the pitter patter of the raindrops hitting our roofs, or a beautiful waterfall rushing over the rocks, it’s a rarity that we pause and give thanks.

The sound, feeling, and taste of water isn’t something we often find at the forefront of our conversations. Most recently at my trip to the market, I was surprised by the many options and crafty marketing with far too many choices. I consider myself to be ‘old school’ when comes to drinking water, wanting it right from the source unadulterated.

Meet Mukhande Singh: the founder of Live Spring Water. I have been drinking his water for over a year and adore the way it makes me feel. With the good vibrations it radiates, the stunning sacred geometry flower of life glass bottling, living silica, and infused drinkable crystals, Live Spring water is unmatched. Drinking from a bottle that holds that vibration is honoring myself with high vibe frequency and intention washing my cells. Our bodies are 72% water with over 35 trillion cells. Why deny ourselves the power of intention and prayer? Make drinking water a part of your sacred self care. Here is All About You touching on living your best life, staying hydrated, and feeding your mind the nutrients it needs. This will boost the quality of your life. And not to mention, the delivery service is incredible. No need to forge your own water, nature quite literally comes knocking on your door. Always remember to think big, feel more, and explore.

In this episode Mukhande Singh talks about:

  • inspiration behind creating Live Spring Water

  • the big decision to make the move to Hawaii

  • probiotics

  • dead water vs. living water

  • countertop filtration systems

  • recirculating tap water and all the nasty stuff in it

  • being born into a broken system

  • fear vs Love

  • doing what makes you feel good

  • being a witness to your thoughts

  • how awesome Oregon is, right?

  • E3 Live

  • shower filter

  • Opal Spring

  • primary water

  • is BPA free better or convenient?

  • Find A Spring Project

  • spending your money on healthy food and water VS medical bills

  • living water = preventative medicine

Coupon Code: ALLABOUTYOU for 15% off any first time water delivery or glass order:

Connect with Mukhande: @livespringwater



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