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It was five years ago when I entered the "yoni" world, that’s vagina for those of you still living on planet earth. I first met Solla Pizzuto when she held a women’s group at her home in Santa Monica, California. We all gathered to learn how to connect with our yoni’s and do Kegels on steroids. This event was beyond what I expected and not your typical goddess sister gathering. We all tapped into the philosophy that to create a life that is happy, fulfilling, and full of blessings you need to take responsibility for yourself, on all levels, even your sensuality.

We are so conditioned in this pressurized time on the planet to source everything we need from the outside. This podcast conversation goes deep into the alchemy of finding your inner truth and connecting to the aspects of self that often go unrecognized and neglected. This conversation will have you loving your yoni and opening up to a new perspective on self-love, healing modalities, and your own inner technology.

As an educator and bodyworker in healing arts, Solla has the ability to skillfully mold you into your own work of art. She is truly a master of her own domain and the knowledge she shares is beneficial to all. It’s a lifestyle and a choice to treat not only one another with compassion but to treat every part of your body, mind, and spirit with the same love. The only prerequisite is to have an open and heart and mind! Hope you enjoy!

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