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When I first met the founder of Addictive Wellness Chocolates, Sage Dammers, in 2009 I was amazed by how knowledgeable he was about herbs, superfoods, and ancient Taoist wisdom. With having similar passions myself, I knew I had found a superfood mentor to compare notes, recipes, tonics, and so much more.

In 2013 I was lucky enough to be one of Addictive Wellness's chocolate product samplers. I took this task very seriously and felt beyond honored. Being that Cacao was a huge part of my life and one of my favorite superfoods, I felt confident that they could trust my opinion. I knew right away that Addictive Wellness was going to be a huge success because of the integrity, passion, and focus Sage had not only in his personal life but how he navigated in the business world.

I wasn’t surprised when a year later while shopping at local boutique market, Erewhon, I saw Addictive Wellness Chocolates at the register. With a big smile, I began to share my story with the checkout clerk and he too agreed he loved the product. If I travel, watch a movie, or read a book I always have my Addictive Wellness Chocolates in hand.

During our All About You Podcast interview, Sage and I deep dive into our collective journeys of teaching others how to feel and live from an abundant, energetic place. Ancient Taoist wisdom says, "Once someone has these three treasures: Jing, Qi, and Shen, they become a divine being that is bright and glowing!" This is exactly what you need no matter where you are in your healing journey, you deserve to know, to explore and find your truth. So grab your chocolate and listen along to learn about the three treasures that are patiently waiting to be activated within each of you!

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In this episode Sage Dammers talks about:

  • Addictive Wellness origin story

  • 3 treasures of the Tao (essence, energy, spirit)

  • Shilajit

  • Ashwaganda

  • Eastern practices of wellness and prevention

  • The rabbit hole of experimenting with raw and superfoods

  • Chinese and ayurvedic herbalism

  • It starts with a passion for knowledge

  • Crazy wild reishi yoga story

  • Cycling through herbs

  • Nothing like a woman’s intuition

  • Raw siberian chaga chunks on a cold day

  • Get to know herbs each on their own

  • The five flavored fruit

  • Utilizing social media for service

  • Aloe Margarita recipe



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