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Sound Healing: Positive Vibrations

Music is healing. We all experience at some level the power of music and how it affects us. I know when I rock my children sleep and sing they would soften into their hearts and stop crying. Many years later the sound current of my voice brings them back to the warm cuddly place on my lap and eases their worry minds. We all have our favorite music that takes us away. Sound baths are now being recognized as a powerful tool and healing modality to connect to our spirituality. Scientist agree with what ancient mystics already knew; the universe is a symphony of sound. Everything is sound and vibrates at its own frequency.

We are vibratory beings and have our own unique frequency. Our home frequency. This sometimes gets out of balance due to stress, negativity, just life. Sound therapy restores us back to our natural, neutral state where we think and see with clarity, being able to discern with grace and ease. As we resonate with the sound our brain waves begin to shift. Our consciousness expands, our mind becomes clearer and our nervous systems are permanently altered.

Sound healing is an incredible way to cleanse energetic pollutions, or stress, from your body to feel cleansed and renewed at a cellular level. Healing vibrations have the power to bring peace to a disturbed mind, healing to a diseased part, and emotional comfort to a person. Science is finally now supporting the theories of using sound currents for healing work. This knowledge has been known for thousands of years by the ancient healers practicing all over the world. This is the same theory as that of mantram; the healing power of the sound currents. The theory is that all is vibration. All the organs of the body, even qualities of thoughts and emotions, have certain frequencies of vibration. Harmonic frequencies from instruments and words have the power to re-write our cellular coding and heal our bodies, minds, and spirits.

I will attend a sound healing once a week if it is available. The gong, didgeridoo, and crystal bowls are powerful instruments to cleanse our cells with harmonic frequencies. If you do not have any sound healers in your community there are tons of amazing artists you can listen to at home on Youtube.

Try listening to the digderidoo, the gong, and Crystal or Tibetan sound bowls on Youtube. Feel the sound currents flow through you and clear you out on a cellular level. For more information about sound healing with the didgeridoo, visit

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