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Virtual Reality

I look at the people around me in social settings or various other activities during my day, and I wonder to myself: what reality are all these people playing in? Or rather, what reality am I in? How can you tell? I even look at myself and scan my thoughts, wondering whose reality I am emulating if it’s not my own. I have been thinking a lot lately about this concept of virtual reality. What is it, and how does it impact our lives? I have a few theories…

I think virtual reality can be anything that is not an authentic present moment experience. This would be something that was created by someone else in which you are engaged, more of a mental or technology-based experience than something happening in the tangible 3D world. One example of a virtual reality experience would be when a person is on their phone perusing a social media site, delighting over a trending video or celebrity gossip instead of being present with their company at the dinner table. This person is placing their attention feed into an energy band that is outside of his or her self, and directing the energy away from the beings in present company. Thus, being inauthentically present with the people around, and authentic with the fake presence through the smart phone. Ironic?

A lot of people seem to be de-sensitized, societally pre-programmed, or so addicted to their technology that it hampers their personal relationships. This is a form of virtual reality. All social media sites, movies, video games, and mindless online scrolling is participating in a form of virtual reality. These are great tools and resources, but you cannot let the tool rule you, or lead to the detriment of your relationships or life balance. All things in balance.

Virtual reality is an unoriginal notion, or a paradigm program of thoughts and beliefs. Meaning, ideas and thoughts that are taught or adopted in some form of mental brainwashing or auto-pilot functioning, rather than an original idea or opinion stemming from the heart or soul language. We are seeing the crashing of virtual realities right now in mainstream media. Part of this veil-lifting experience is actively showing us where we have been unconsciously caught in virtual reality, and shakes us out of it to build anew.

To be caught in a train or mode of thought that is not original is a form of virtual reality engagement. This is surrendering personal power and ideas to those of something else. Are we who we are? Or are we something else?

Another concept to ponder with the observation of virtual reality is that of the blurred lines that exist between the individual’s reality, society’s reality, and so forth onto the larger global view and then universal view. Each person has their own reality, which usually consists of the one they have created from their personality and experiences, in combination with those thought forms that are societally pre-programmed. Some are liberated, existential peoples who have developed entirely unique ideas about everything. Even more extreme are people who have no independent reality other than what has been created for them, either though society, their parents, country or company culture, or authority figures.

It important for us to be consciously aware that there are many different realities to explore, and to be sure not to get caught up or lost in any one of them for too long. This kind of play is a fun part of being a spiritual being having a human experience, and is also a great source of entertainment and self-exploration. Have you ever found yourself snapping out of a tetris game only to realize that three hours have passed? If you find yourself getting sucked into the virtual reality of your smart phone or social media, a great way to re-configure your focus is to come into the sacredness of the immediate moment, both with yourself and with one another. You can be in it and not of it, surfing them all or choosing your own reality channel of focus.

When we get stuck, it’s a good idea to unplug, silence the device, look around to whom we are sitting with, and listen with full attention to what people are saying. I believe it is time to re-sensitize and tune into our inner, divine transmissions as often as we engage in virtual reality play. Virtual reality can be very fun, but it can also be disorienting. We must check-in with ourselves and family or friends to be sure we are rooted and not losing ourselves to a reality that is not our own. It’s a great way to come home to your own truth. Unplug from distraction.

I like to sit back and wonder where the origins of my thoughts and beliefs are rooted. Is it original? Ancestral? Judgmental or limiting? Maybe it is an epiphany that comes through in the moment of being perfectly peaceful and present, the ideal AHA moment of clarity and inner truth. This can be a virtual reality all its own; that of being the passive witness to the thoughts and emotions streaming by. Learn to sit and actively choose which reality you want to support and engage with.

My favorite realities are the small, simple, and profoundly pleasurable moments spent with my children, the miracles that I see in nature like a beautiful sunset, and laughing uproariously with a good friend. Life is too fast to take a nanosecond for granted. Unplug from the virtual reality and experience the multi-dimensional, awe-inspiring reality which lies right before you, with all its colors, sensations, and music.

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