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A new twist on Chaos Theory

Have you ever stopped to wonder about the element of chaos in your life? Chaos is the only constant in our lives, yet many of us do not realize we have the luxury of using it mindfully as a force of success. In fact, most of us do not even know that chaos is a force we can use to our advantage. It can be an intoxicating experience, like Black Friday for example. People either love the element of chaos or run from it. A lot of us may feel trampled by it.

Existing as the ultimate contrast, chaos can be used as a force of nature with which to form an alliance, it can be used as a tool for navigating your daily life, or it can totally knock you over and run you into the ground. It must be contained and directed, like wild horses, or it will pull you off your course. How to take the reigns of chaos and use them to ride the universal ebbs and flows, to feel the nature of the universe working with and for you, as opposed to against you?

Many of us are so pre-occupied with survival and checking off the to-do list that we are constantly running from one thing to the next. This is the addiction to over-stimulation which we see so prevalently in our culture of human “doings.” It is an addiction to chaos, but it serves no ultimate goal because it is an undirected energy. This is a pandemic mode of operation in our society, a program so subtle that we just participate without even knowing it. We have been hard-wired to be stressed and in a constant state of fight-or flight mode. We also may not initially know that we can choose to use it or be used by it as a force of the universe.

I know all you moms out there can relate. Years ago I was not really present, and I felt like I was under immense pressure all the time to complete an endless list of tasks, take the kids here or there, and fulfill my roles as a woman, mother, wife, etc., left with no time for myself. I was feeling pretty depleted and empty, mingled with the addictive quality from the adrenaline rush of getting it all done.

Usually it is an extreme experience in time that causes a person to have an AHA moment and take a step back, realizing this is not a harmonious way to live or manage life. I do not think we are meant to be human “doers.” We typically have to experience a strong emotion or thought to pull us out of the automated living and begin to seek a different way of Being.

My daughter reflected my manic behavior to me at age three, when one day she said: “Mommy, the slower you go the faster you get things done, and the faster you go the slower you get things done.” Are you taking a moment to have an experience like this with your children? To listen to the wise words that our children give us? This was a serious AHA moment for me. The profundity of these words shifted the trajectory of my life. It was in this pause that I made a conscious choice to have a different experience and pull out of the autopilot lifestyle of the hamster wheel. With a deep breath and a sigh, I wanted to float in the sea of chaos rather than drown.

I remember thinking there had to be an easier way to live and enjoy life, Being more fulfilled and healthy than the way I was running things. And then I found it… This takes us back to my question: how do we take our power back and allow ourselves to flow with the tides of universal chaos, and take a breath of air?

The main practice is trust.

You have to be able to trust yourself first. Take a few long deep breaths. Trust that there is enough time for everything, that you will get to everything that you need to do, that you are more than capable of both enjoying life and Being responsible. Sometimes we feel we do not have time for ourselves. We shift from doing and having to the new order of Being first, having second, and then doing third. The old paradigm of feeling like we don’t have time for ourselves becomes a thing of the past. You shift from not having any time to having abundant time. Work with the element of chaos. Paradoxical I know, but so many truths are.

Its just a different perspective, plus a shift in priorities, paired with trust in the universe. Trust that when you enjoy what you are doing there is an infinite source of abundant time and energy for you. Then you will experience your ideal as real. The more you enjoy your life, slow down time, and be present with yourself, nature, family, and friends, the easier it is to breathe. Lose the to-do list. When you trust that you can slow down, you actually make room for all the things that you may have felt like you have put on the back burner or left for a rainy day, or when the kids grow up. Realize that it is all there for you, waiting to be discovered. The universe has your back, you just have to allow it.

Trust in yourself is placing trust in the universe.

Once I was able to trust the idea that I could live a life of more peace and joyous harmony, all these doors started opening for me. It went from thinking and imagining to actually living it. All you have to do is say YES, and the universe will gift you continuously with more delightful experiences. The chaos becomes Pandora’s box of delight, with any given potential of surprises, events, meetings, all of which support your magical journey. It was like the universe was this vortex of chaos, but it was full of extraordinary serendipities and surprises. When I opened the door, blessings just kept pouring in. It’s like every day is a holiday; we can be grateful everyday, including Thanksgiving.

The more receptive I became, the more I met people who taught me amazing things and shared powerful wisdom. As an active participant in the universal flow, I became a co-creator with the forces of chaos, and the universe became my partner. I saw the world in a whole new light. Floating on the cloud of this new reality, I was truly happy just simply Being me. I committed to Being mindful of my stress levels, making inner peace and calm the dominant focus. The most beautiful result of this shift is that my happiness has trickled down to my children and all of my personal and professional relationships. And all we can really do in life is lead by example.

Trust that you can be a master of your life, rather than feeling overwhelmed by it. What you do for yourself, you do for others. Once you learn to master your mind and co-create with the spirals of unlimited potential, the element of chaos is an infinite, delightful force to play with.

Happy creating!

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