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You are the Elixir

It’s pitch black, there is no cell service, you have no GPS and have no idea how to get home. When you have no reference point to a destination, you often feel insecure, uneasy, and numb to the experience at hand. This is why we pull our vessel over and turn to mentors, teachers, healers to hear all the stories to find our own direction. You will too become the wisdom keeper with your own star map, but there is a chronological evolution to the soul’s progress. As I have coached and facilitated many women in similar situations I observed that many humans have the same patterns of progression through their awakening process. Here is a glimpse of mine to help remedy yours.

Who are you?

There was a time where I sat countless nights in front of the mirror in my bathroom, looking deeply into my own eyes, asking, “Who are you?” Hours of waiting for some answer, with an empty silence. Great pain when I saw the truth: I didn’t know who I was. There is always a transitional turning point that forces us to evolve. In this case, it was my three-year-old daughter, Marley. I had to dig into myself by asking questions first, then finally getting deeper into the feeling place. This took some time and concerted effort. Eventually, I finally began to sense the true emptiness in my gut, and the wounds surrounding my heart. This is what I needed to heal.

Bounce forward on the rubber road

My personal sojourn of self-discovery and self-awakening has been a long and winding road fraught with many obstacles. As it stands today, I live on a vibe of higher frequency, with abundant creative energy and flow and the universe at my back. This is what I desire to share with you. How to expand beyond the confines of three-dimensional reality, with its perceived limits, into the fifth dimensional lifestyle, where we live a heart-centered existence.

With an intense longing for healing, self-love and self-acceptance, I explored every inner demon, every held trauma, every generational pattern, every self-limiting belief. This is shadow work. Shine the light on all the dark bits, love them, decide what you want to keep or discard. In the process of doing this you initiate the first act of self-love. Take responsibility by owning the things that are the most painful to see and make a conscious choice to live differently and say yes to expansion, to your higher self’s urges to evolve.

I took responsibility for my own unhappiness, learned to accept the life that I created and chose, and from my true self-commitment, to create afresh. Many dark, lonely nights awaited me. I was determined to get through the darkness to find the best me and unveil her. The victim and wounded child no longer needed the love, validation, and acknowledgement as before because the psyche fragments became healed. As I broke patterns and cut cords, I became stronger.

This is the return to wholeness, where you see the beauty of your own soul prism. The fractals are not debilitating anymore as they have been nurtured. What was once negative becomes positive. As the healing begins, the wounded child peaks her head around the corner to come out and play. With time and nurturing, this child rejoices and celebrates as the united aspects of self feel the liberation of freedom. We fear that the ego is going to die, and we are going to lose our sense of self. We are all going to find ourselves, with the ego as our partner making self-honoring choices to facilitate your awakened state. With a healthy ego and a heart wide open, who needs GPS? Put the petal to the metal and have fun with the rubber road.

Once I said yes, I began to see the truth of who I was: a spiritual being having a human experience with love as my GPS. My desires, my needs, my spirit, my soul all aligned with this principle, which gave greater meaning to my life.

The game changer was when I started to re-write my story. Not as a victim or a damsel in distress, but as a sacred heroine in the carpool lane. My discovery of the gifts of the multiverse flipped my perception. Every moment became an opportunity to see the abundance and beauty of the experience. I recognized my ability to transmute what I knew and become enamored with the miracles, gifts, and rewards of the lifted veil. This is your own sovereignty: to be full of the totality of feminine wealth, fueled and ignited by Source.

After many years of nights filled with my howling at the moon, I have returned. I AM transformed and reborn. I have come out the other side with the tools and magic to share with all of you. After years of cultivating a practice, and deepening into my own heart's desire I have arrived with such joy at place to be available for others to grow, expand and embody themselves.

This being of service is where my peace, harmony, and love reside.

You are your own elixir, you are your own medicine. All you have experienced, good and bad, that has led you to this now moment, is medicine. You get to choose whether it is medicine that facilitates growth, or a poison that dissuades your evolution.

You have the choice, and the right, to become the fullest version of you. The activated human, transcending all notions of limitation and becoming a master of self, a master of the universe.

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