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New You, New Paradigm

Do you see your life as


Do you know what abundance is? Abundance is seeing beauty and opportunities all around. Life is magical, it happens for you, not against you. The nature of the universe is abundance. We are programmed to feel that we are not worthy of so many things, we are programmed to believe in lack. But if you take a look around the natural world, you can get a glimpse of natural law, which is universal law: The nature of the universe is abundance. Nature keeps producing fruit no matter what madness, chaos and storms may visit.

The photo used for this blog is a picture of two neutron stars that collided on the new moon last month. The effect of this collision blanketed our universe in a shower of gold. This is spirituality meets science. This is looking to the natural world to view the inherent truths of our beingness, and to know that the chaos is an illusion.

Abundance is your true nature.

We can tap into our own abundance by recognizing the creations that we witness everyday. This is the miracle of creation. The earth consistently provides us with all we need. Gaia is a living, breathing extension of us all, and she is undeniably female. She selflessly provides us with all the resources we need for survival: our homes, foods to nourish, herbs to heal us, water to drink and bathe in, fresh air to sustain us, and even gasoline to power our vehicles.

Be open. The only thing you need to ask yourself is are you open to experiencing and seeing your life from a different perspective? If the answer is yes, happy trailblazing! Get ready to see the abundance of manifestations and synchronistic events supporting you along your journey. This is the bejeweled web of abundance, and we rise together as one. When I change you change and when I rise we all rise mentality. From lack to abundance. Remember silence and time in nature is crucial to hear the right messages. If you feel overwhelmed or slip back into the old ways of lack mentality, re-visit nature to be reminded of the abundance. Remember, nature is calling.

Honor the nature of your abundance.

Own it.

See it in flowers, trees, a helping hand, your loved ones' eyes, laughter, smiles, and the glittering stars.

Gratitude is a bridge to feeling abundant. This is your connection to the unified field or collective consciousness and being in the present moment. Gratitude and appreciation lead to transformation and receiving your abundance. Abundance is seeing your reality differently. This is the new paradigm operating from a new reality. This shift to abundance is paving the way to being fluid and letting things evolve.

This is a transition. This is the biggest time for transformative shifts for the human collective, the planet, and the entire universe.

Collectively and energetically many are feeling a need to shift their entire life to be more fulfilling, delightful, and prosperous. We all want to experience more than the typical punch card lifestyle. Tapping into your abundance opens the portal or gateway to let the beauty, joy, and passion flood your existence. Free your wild horse and trust that if you feel it, you can have it. See through the eyes of abundance and surrender and let go.

To know is to flow.

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