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Do you have clearance?

This writing came through me during one of my early writing sessions… Sometimes challenges in life can cause you to get derailed from your power for a mere moment, but you always have the tools and the fortitude to shift the misalignment and get back on board with more enthusiasm. Use this verbiage as an example to check in with yourself to make sure your heart and mind are congruent. If they are not in alignment you might feel anxious and tense. Check in with yourself with open-ended questions. Drop into your heart and live from a soul-centered place to navigate your life more successfully with efficiency. This is a tool to declutter, clear out, and own your discernment. Let the truth of these words resonate through you and bring you back to your power, joy, and unconditional love for life. Read this aloud to yourself however often you feel the need to tap into your truth, your radiance, and your power. Use this to help facilitate your own self-healing and clear your energy. Come back online.

Deep breaths. Any moment that I choose to take a time out to assess my feelings, I am faced with choices. Today I have been met with certain challenges that have forced me to pause and reflect. What am I feeling?

Problems, situations, scenarios, and encounters always exist to challenge me. Sometimes they fill a space in my brain. I allow myself to feel these feelings, think these thoughts, and observe the sensations or reactions. I am feeling_________. No judgment, just the neutral observer of myself. Once I have given myself a few moments to reflect, I accept the fact that I see the truth of my being. The truth is we are all feeling and experiencing the same things, I am not singled out. It’s how I am with myself when going through this situation that is the issue. One deep breath in and out. The reality of these challenging circumstances does exist on the physical plane, but I realize that I am more than just my physical experience, and all I witness is also part of a larger, multi-dimensional landscape. And the only truth is love. The most powerful healing force on the planet is love. Once I drop into my heart-centered perspective, I know this as the ultimate truth. This is my superpower.

I acknowledge this truth, and I find comfort in knowing that things are always working out for me, no matter what. When I realize this, I tap into a higher thinking, a higher dimension of thought. This allows me to see from a higher perspective and the abundance of life, filled with beauty, and patience.

May my anger be replaced with peace and contentment.

May my fear be replaced with faith and trust.

May my frustrations be replaced with the love that stems from knowing that truly, all is well, even if I cannot yet see it.

My gifts and blessings are bountiful.

I am bliss.

I am that I am

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