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Vehicles: Coincidences and Synchronicities

What is the difference between a coincidence and a synchronicity? As defined by the old paradigm, a coincidence is something we have been socially programmed to think of as being totally insignificant, to brush off, to forget about. When we separate this word and look at its roots, or etiology, however, we find that it actually means something that is occurring with significance. This is a prime example of old paradigm programming; where the real truth of words is purposely misconstrued for us a society.

We now exist and thrive in the new paradigm. In this new paradigm, our world is profoundly rich with significance. Everyone you meet, every word you speak, and every thought you think has an infinite amount of power for creating. These are the daily doses of magic, delivered to you in coincidences and synchronicities. This is where I want to discuss the idea of vehicles with you. What is a vehicle? For starters, lets look at our beautiful bodies. Our bodies are our vehicles for awakening, for transformation, and for living a fruitful life. In the ancient mystery schools, our body temple was called the Merkaba. The Merkaba is your sacred vessel holding your spirit. It needs to be cared for and maintained on a daily basis with high vibration practices and nourishing foods, like I have talked about in previous blog posts. This is the first and most important of vehicles in your life. You must keep your mental and physical vibration high as much as possible to be a happy, awakened human in this experience. This is how you live a life of miracles and joy; the bigger you.

Vehicles can assist us daily with living this enriched, synchronistic life filled with consistent, delightful coincidences. They are messages, or symbols, brought to you in your daily experience as guideposts to keep you moving forward on your path. A vehicle can be a person you meet who seems to tell you exactly what you need to hear in the moment. This person is a literal mirror of what is going on in your mind, and can answer a question or be a guiding light to you without their even being aware of it. Angels in disguise!

Your dreams can also be a vehicle. At night before bed ask a question, say a prayer, or set a bedtime intention. You could have dreams filled with symbols giving you the guidance you seek from the universe. Look for the symbols, metaphors, or any downloads, insights when in your dream state. Write them down!

When I work with my editor in my sitting room, we have a beautiful bird messenger friend who comes to visit, and this just totally tickles us into bouts of laughter together. This bird taps on the window incessantly, and we always know that when this happens our creativity together is really on a roll. This little birdie is a vehicle for us to remember and prioritize the joy of creating together in partnership. Serendipity at its best!

More often than not, my children are amazing vehicles of joy for me. They remind me of what is really important in the moment when I am stressing in my head too much. They bring me back into the present moment, and we laugh and have a great time doing simple things together as a family. I still tell my children, “Look, I am just a vehicle you came through. I am here to teach you as much as you are going to teach me.” Word to the wise, if you can parent this way, you can receive the synchronicities through the interactions with your children.

There have been times when I am on a nature walk and I will see a butterfly flitting in front of me ever so gracefully. I know when I see these magnificent creatures that the universe/ Great Spirit is watching, smiling over me, and there to lend a hand to support me in every way. Another angel in disguise!

I see feathers everywhere, and I collect them. They are a consistent reminder of my angels.

Other great examples of vehicles are those repeating number sequences of 1111, 444, or 555. These are validation numbers. Validation numbers are mathematical symbols to bring us back to a synchronistic moment of our higher truth. The universe truly communicates with us constantly, if we can only have the open space in our minds and hearts to listen and receive.

Lastly, there are repeating thought patterns that are messages trying to get through to you. What do I mean? When you keep thinking of a person, a place, or a song at random times repeatedly, and you have no knowledge of its significance to you. One of my personal favorites is when a song comes on the radio in my car, and I just know by the vibe or lyrics of it that it is a message. Sometimes it’s a message to hang on and keep strong, or one of jumping and cardancing to feel the joy of my truth. I will ask a question and turn the radio on and laugh, cry, say thank you, or smile strongly in deep gratitude for the messages brought to me.

Look deeper into the meaning of it. There are opportunities daily to get messages that are indirectly supporting you to wake up. You cannot think in a linear way; you have to think there is a bigger meaning to your life. Experience yourself as a living miracle.

When this happens, the universe is trying to send you a signal, or a guidepost, to help you move along your way. For example, I kept thinking about my friend Ara. She called me, and I drove two and a half hours to see her. I changed my entire schedule because I trusted that I needed to see her. Every synchronicity is an opportunity -or a download-to help get you to the next action step in your life. When you act on it, you activate more synchronicities within the one. When you trust and surrender, often there is a synchronicity within a synchronicity. When you understand the deeper meaning of experiencing life, these people, places, things, and events are put on your path to facilitate your evolution to GUIDE you to live your life from your higher purpose. To me, this is what tapping into source energy is.

How to have a bigger experience of yourself is to wake up and ask:

Who am I going to meet?

Where am I going to go?

Every encounter is an opportunity to see your life through a fun, magical lens. So, a random trip turned into a successful business venture! You really just never know. Suspend your judgement or normal patterns of behavior to be open to the unknown. Tap into these infinite powers working for you. If you are willing to follow those spontaneous calls of inspiration, there will always be blessings waiting for you on the other side.

Trust the unknown to experience your ideal as real. Life can be experienced and felt in both a mystical and tangible way. It’s a complex mystery. To sum it all up, it doesn’t have to be so complicated and esoteric; it’s just a new way of thinking and experiencing yourself. Let your genie out of the bottle. Make the most of the joy ride!

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