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What is Happiness? How do you define it?

How do we create the life we truly desire? By being happy. Happiness is contentment of the heart and soul no matter what situation or circumstance. Your true nature is happiness, and your true spirit is joy. DO you remember those feelings as a child? Even those of us with the most difficult of childhoods managed to scrape joy out of something in order to survive. You must have the courage to surrender to yourself, and trust that you can handle this journey. It is a magical journey once you let go. You do have the power within to create a life with love. Passion. Purpose and joy.

Everyone has a different definition of happiness. Happiness is our innate birthright, and we often don’t give ourselves permission to let go and experience the Flow of Joy sourced from the eyes of our inner child. As adults we have the burden and responsibility of a life we created that we often can’t keep up with! In that Doingness we lose our sacred playful nature of being carefree. We only give ourselves permission to re-wild when it is adult appropriate, like vacations, or when our adult responsibilities are packed in perfect order.

What I have experienced in my own duality with allowing is that when we have a playful attitude, the mundane monotonous cycle of being a human DOER becomes more rewarding. We become more joyful, and easily allow for synchronistic moments, soulful connections, and mindful acts.

Grab your journal, find a quiet and relaxing place to write, and set your time for at least 15 minutes. Start to write down some lists of what happiness means to you, based upon some of the categories of your life; finances, health, career, relationships, being playful, etc. This will help you to start to see any patterns where you may be feeling unfulfilled, and will be a guidepost to help you navigate your journey in assisting the engagement of your new reality!

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