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SuperFoods for a SuperHuman

A few years into my journey of healing and self-discovery, I was fortunate enough to become aware of, and then learn, about the power of the foods we choose to eat. I began to understand that there are various qualities to the foods we have to eat, and thus there are various vibrational frequencies to these foods as well. If we wish to maintain a high vibrational frequency at the cellular level to avoid dis-ease and maintain longevity, we have to be mindful about the qualities of our food. Foods with a higher vibrational frequency are those that are closer to the source; organic and non-processed, like natural produce and herbs. The holiest of foods are those that are closest to the divinity of nature, and they are then easier for the body to utilize most efficiently.

Foods and superfood supplements have been created for the demands on our minds to level up in this life, and keep up with the pace. This is all a part of phasing into the noospheric consciousness. This is adapting to the new paradigm at a cellular level via your nutrition. Mindfulness is evolving faster and now, more information that ever is at our fingertips. We are now being called to action to create a foundation in which to step up our evolution to support the physical system. A healthy body then trickles down to high energy levels, and then feeling great psychologically and emotionally.

In this wave of energy that pulses though us, calling us to evolve, we become aware of the need to implement more practices and tools to keep our high vibe energy mindfully intact. How do we maintain sustainable energy? Not through soft drinks and energy drinks, which burn out your adrenals and cause you to age faster. Try adaptogenic herbs, which work with your personal body chemistry to bring you balance without consequence.

Here are some great adaptogenic herbs that are among my favorites:

Ginseng, Ashwaghanda, Reishi, Ho Shou Wu, Ashitaba, Shillajit, Maca, Cacao, Deer Antler, Pine Pollen, Royal Jelly, Bee Pollen, Cistanche, Chia seeds.

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