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Sacred Self Care

Daily rituals are the new sacred selfishness; this is about maintaining your new relationship with yourself. Now is the time to maintain this newly found sense of identity and divinity by treating yourself to various levels of sacred nourishing. You will find that if you miss a day, you may not feel as capable, present, or strong as when you take that time for yourself regularly. This is survival. Notice that taking the time for yourself to do what you need to do, whether it be yoga, meditation, going for a walk, or getting a massage will literally shift the way you experience your entire day.

It might look over indulgent or selfish to some, but in these times of change our wellness and wellbeing extend far beyond facials and massages. Investing in your self is a necessity to maintain your ability to function with focus, clarity, adaptability, and in consistent alignment with your intention. This is taking charge of your happiness. You have learned to work with your mind, emotions, and physical nutrition. Now the addition of rituals completes the circle.

To claim your throne is being unapologetic, declaring your needs and rights with a soul centered approach to life. This is a life balanced in the feminine and masculine aspects of Self. When we begin to spend time on ourselves, there is a tendency for guilt to surface; all you moms out there know exactly what I am talking about. We all deserve to feel complete and whole in all areas of our lives, thriving with passion and joy.

Nourishing your spirit with daily rituals can elevate all experiences. Prioritizing yourself and making a commitment to yourself sends a hugely positive message out to the universe that you are worth it. Allow yourself to source energy from your internal, divine wellspring of wealth, and your innate divine wisdom with all senses activated.

My mantra for daily living: “I know what I want, what I need, and I act on it.” This is what an activated being does to honor his or her higher self. This is an act of appreciating the self and taking great pride to love and accept all of your needs and desires. This is a powerful way to live your life. Practicing rituals leads to healthy boundaries and the ability to say NO with ease when something is out of alignment with our greatest good. Everything we engage in has to be a win-win, we no longer have to compromise. We all have that feeling of saying yes when we mean no because we think that it is the “right” thing to do. Feeling depleted and resentful is so old paradigm!

Daily rituals are healthy habits that keep you feeling nurtured and luscious, bringing you back in alignment with yourself. When we take the time to listen to our needs and then act on them it’s declaring to yourself that you are committed to your self-care and wellbeing, which sets you up for success. When you start your day with intentional action and a command to call in things with clarity and focus, you are truly pulling into your bio magnetic field the very synchronistic events you have requested. Starting and ending the day with conscious, mindful action is one of the most honoring gestures we can do for ourselves. It paves the way for clearing self-sabotage, and victim consciousness on a daily basis. This is the conquering of the false self, or ego self. This ensures we operate from a heightened state of awareness, rather than unconscious habits. This is undoubtedly the most blunt declaration that we are moving toward. No love and light and spiritual bypass anymore. Just be HAPPY.

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