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SunKissed: Working with the Sun to Energize your life

The sun is an incredibly potent source of healing energy. Think about it, the sun is responsible for our entire livelihood on planet earth! The sun nourishes and sustains all plant and animal life. It is a magnanimous source of healing energy. One of my favorite rituals is to work with the sun’s energy. I will breathe its golden light into my body, mind, and spirit to bring balance, peace, strength, joy, and increased energy. After this practice I notice an incredible shift in my energy levels, feeling light and flexible in my body, and an overall personal glow that radiate love. This is a powerful ritual to align yourself with the most magical, vital energy, and we have access to it every day! I highly recommend giving this a try, and make it a part of your daily or weekly sacred self-care schedule. This practice is best in the morning a few hours after the sun has risen, or in the evening when the sun is about to set. You can pull in the energy of the sun to feed your energy centers, cleanse your soul, and rejuvenate your entire nervous system. Give it a try! See how differently you feel.


Set an Intention. Examples could be: for inner peace, enhancing your beauty or stamina, healing an ailment, reducing pain, etc.

Stand outside in the sun.

Feel the golden rays on your face, cleansing and activating your mind and spirit, healing you.

Raise your arms over your head and pull the energy down from the sun onto the top of your head, and progressively move down the front of the body to your forehead, throat, chest, solar plexus, pulling in the healing energy everywhere you feel the need for it.

Breathe in the golden energy of the sun. Literally imagine golden, warm energy swirling into the pyramid, into your body as you inhale. See it swirl through your cells, spiraling to specific areas you wish to heal or rejuvenate.

Breathe in this golden healing energy to your cells, heart, organs, mind, and imagine it bringing balance and strength to your entire system; body, mind, and spirit.

Inhale the golden light, and exhale out anything heavy, anything that does not serve you. You can imagine illness or imbalance leaving as a dark cloudy energy.

Upon inhalation, golden light streams in. Upon exhaling, density and darkness leaves.

Repeat this for a cycle of 9 times.

Affirm your balance, health, beauty, strength, your invincibility.

Journal your experiences!

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