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Magnetics: Master your Home Frequency

Magnetics are known to be one of the four forces of nature. Everything, including you, has a magnetic field. Magnetics are amplified by an electromagnetic charge. As electromagnetic beings, we attract and repel whatever has a charge, or is active, in our electrical field. What I mean by active is whatever is predominant in your mental and emotional state. We literally repel and attract the events in our lives based on our vibration. What we think and feel has an immediate effect upon our experience. This is where keeping track of your mental and emotional states becomes important as a conscious creator. If you desire certain aspects or changes in your life, then you need to match the frequency of that desire with your own home frequency.

We talked about the magnanimous importance of keeping your vibe high. That cannot be stressed enough to ensure your successfully thriving in life. But how do we do this? Once you decide to raise your frequency or vibration, the intention to raise your consciousness is supported in partnership by the universe. You will witness the symbols and synchronistic events as undeniable evidence that you are being supported and guided. When you believe in yourself the magic happens. Trust that whatever needs to be shown to you will be revealed. Everything will shift. Divine timing and divine order is the new language, support is needed as you transition from old to new paradigm. This is the truth of magnetics.

These are several suggestions that have helped me over the years and still do, to maintain the high vibe frequency and thus master your own magnetics.

1. Meditation is the key to spiritual growth; it brings spirit down into your physical body. Prayer is talking to God/spirit, meditation is receiving the messages. meditation raises your vibration, opens and aligns your chakras, clears out discordant energy from your energy fields, reduces stress, brings you into balance, heals you emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually, it is also a way to enter sacred space with yourself.

2. Massages. Our muscles contain traumatic cellular memory from our past. Massage helps release these memories and helps our body release toxins that keep us from accessing higher vibrations.

3. Exercise and intentional movement helps clear energetic blocks held within the energy field. Anything that gets the body moving releasing energetic blocks.

4. Detox the body. Herbal cleanses for the kidneys liver or total body. Heavy metal cleanses, parasites cleanses, steam, infrared saunas, Epsom salts, foot detox baths, energy work, massage, yoga, juice, ;ots of pure drinkingwater. Our physical bodies vibration must be raised and prepared for our new shift in consciousness.

5. Become conscious of the foods you eat. Eliminate as many chemicals and processed foods as possible. These foods are dead and full of toxins. Eat as many water-filled, living, “life-force” filled foods as possible… organic fruits and vegetables, seeds, nuts, grains, fish, poultry, aiming for PH balanced diet.

6. Water! Drink as much filtered, fluoride and chlorine free water as possible. Fluoride can impede our spiritual growth. When our body receives to much fluoride it creates a calcified shield over our pituitary and pineal glands. These are master glands that need to be activated in order for us to merge with our spiritual self.

7. Mental state: Consciously choose to maintain a pure emotional and mental state at all times. We must become the master of our emotions and thoughts. Our emotional body and mental/intellectual can derail us at times. Jedi time!

8. Intuition: The soul speaks through the feelings of the heart, not through our intellect or through our reactive emotions. True inner understanding and knowingness must come from beyond the intellect.

9. Choose your vibration: Every second of the day provides us with an opportunity to lower or raise our vibrations. Everything is based on the choices we choose to make and our choices reflect our current level of vibration.

10. Release: Be aware and open to release those things that no longer serve your highest good. Bless them and know they served a purpose.

Examples: Outdated belief systems. Low vibrational habits, addictions and activities, high stress lifestyle choices.

11. Abundance: Choose to focus on spiritual wealth rather than your material wealth. Our stuff is not eternal but our spirit is. We all need to make money to survive in this world but not at the expense of our soul and spirit.

12. Grounded: Stay grounded and centered as you integrate the higher frequencies needed to be proactive in keeping ourselves grounded in our body and fully present in the NOW. Eat the right foods, exercise, go out in nature.

13. Shadow work: In order to tap into this higher vibration we need to get down and dirty at times… use the mirror work. Cleaning up the mental clutter and emotional debris. Disempowering limitations and traumas. Releasing the suppressed energy. Ascending isn’t a fast pass to enlightenment; the rollercoaster takes many twists and turns along the way.

14. Spiritual detox. Allowing all things to surface to review. Fear, darkness, ego, shadow, resistance, blame victim consciousness,

15. Alchemy is turning our darkness into gold. Acknowledging and acceptance taking responsibility of your actions will accelerate your process to ascending.

16. Community: Surround yourself with others who are actively participating in this same journey.

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