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Meta: Beyond

What does it mean to go beyond? Whether I am parenting my four daughters, meditating alone, or coaching a group, I always like to challenge myself to take the current situation beyond. Beyond limits, beyond the frustration or emotions, beyond anything I have ever known, done, thought, or said. How?

The word “Meta” means the essence just beyond the physical. I challenge you to take every bit of your life and measure it beyond any perceived patterns or limitations. Allow for more than you ever thought possible before by being comfortable with moving beyond definitions. Re-define what you know. Act like you know nothing and that everything is possible. Instead of saying “Oh, this always happens,” or “He is always like that,” be completely flexible and OPEN to a different experience. Ask yourself “What if this happened like this? Or that?” rather than the usual habits of thought that come from previous experiences. What would it be like, feel like? What would happen?

It can be a struggle to get out of our own way. What if you have experienced and perceived these subjects for many years? It doesn’t matter. Anything can change as soon as YOU change. Change your mind, change your life. This is a quantum leap in thought and thus, your ability to create consciously. If you can achieve this, you are entering into a whole other level of jedi mental mastery. When you can be completely in the “don’t know mind,” you actually allow for miraculous occurrences to take place.

Let’s get into the quantum matrix together. I want you to think of it like this: when you have a thought form, which is a belief or idea that is set, or concrete, it creates a container in space. That’s right, your thoughts create an energetic cube in space. If you have all the answers (which trust me, we never do!) then your box is tightly sealed and strictly limited by how you have designed it with your certainty. Therefore, your experiences perfectly mirror your thoughts around these people, places, events, outcomes, etc. Now, if you have an idea, and decide to be flexible in your approach, the container still exists, but you have created a space for inspiration (or being in spirit) to flow through and provide an unlimited source of outcomes and potentials for you. This is linear thinking, or limited perception, versus the “don’t know mind.”

Have fun with this. Watch where you have unconsciously created energetic strangleholds throughout your entire life, and experiment with changing your thoughts about these topics. Go into the “don’t know mind,” which is open, expansive, optimistic, trusting, with a dash of playfulness. Flirt with the Universe. Witness and behold in amazement your power to create.

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