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Free Like YOU

When I hold public talks and workshops, when I am picking up one of my four kids from school, even when I am checking out at the grocery store, there is an experience that has echoed throughout my entire life. Wherever I am, no matter what I am doing, it never fails that a woman comes up to me and asks, “How do I become free like you?” I often look at them, smiling, my blue eyes meeting theirs, and say, “You don’t. You become free like YOU.”

You are the prayer and you are the answer. You are the treasure.

When women ask me this, I think what they are really trying to discover is how to be unconditionally happy. That truth radiates from your heart outwards in a golden spiral, and can be felt by everyone around you. It comes from the infinite wellsprings of the soul, when you finally feel good about yourself and who you are. Sometimes we forget that we all have our unique way of expressing our individual beauty and truth. Society has made it hard for us to naturally embrace our uniqueness, but this is a battle you must claim your victory over now. We are all beautiful, talented, and completely individual, from our bodies, our radiance, smiles, hearts, minds, passions, and gifts. I feel privileged to walk a life of self-unfolding and love, and to radiate that for the risings tides of feminine empowerment on the planet. It’s my greatest dream to stand on a mountain and scream, “You deserve to be happy, to feel amazing, to love yourself, to live a life with creative self-expression, truth, integrity, passion, and sensuality!” It brings me indescribable pleasure to be a role model, facilitator, guide, lighthouse, and conduit.

However, when all is said and done, you have to not only intellectually understand, but to own with all of your body, mind, and spirit, that YOU are the answer. YOU are the prize. You are the JACKPOT. Within you, the entire universe pulsates with potential. All the power, all the intelligence, all the passion and creativity already exists within your inner being. There is nothing small about you. You have everything you need to create an inspiring, fulfilling, if not magical, life of your dreams. Remember.

The game of soul connection is an infinite game –as opposed to a finite game. It’s a game that never ends. It’s always full of new surprises, new unfolding and new, unforeseeable gifts and gains.

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