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Coming Home: The Power of Music

Music is one of my all-time favorite Meta Essence tools to use for restoring my sense of balance. Have you ever noticed how your mood changes with different types of music? Some days you feel like music to motivate and inspire, other days music to help you release tension and stress? Music is a powerful enabler for emotional release and achieving deep meditative states. Listening to a heavier song can help to remove any negative or heavier feelings, and then rejuvenate you with this newfound sense of being free from any density. I like to listen to classic rock sometimes to release or express emotions in a healthy manner. A lot of the time, music can help me define my feelings in a way that is beyond my ability to discern them, their cause, or how to explain them to others. On the opposite end of this is music with elevating qualities. Sometimes, I like to listen and sing to music that is a higher frequency, like music with mantra.

This is vibratory self-love healing with music. You go into this with the intent to be the cure for what you need. Pick what music you need to come back home to your home frequency. Say to yourself: I am the medicine, so what tool am I going to use for this? Sometimes we are in situations that cause us to feel chaotic, stressed, frustrated, or any of the other feelings that are not the real essence of you. Know that you can shift in any moment, and one of the most fun ways to neutralize your energy is with music. Maneuver your own consciousness, your own vibe; tweak your own station. When I have a stressful moment with my kids, I love to blast my music in the car when I am driving to return back to the real me, which is not the stressed or frustrated me. I can literally shake off the vibes that were bugging me, and so can you. It is this easy.

Sometimes in the “spiritual community,” we forget that we do have darker times of mind and emotions. This is natural! It is healthy to address it, own it, and then transform it. We are all made up of these opposites. It is best to see it, enjoy it and use the energy in a healthy way rather than think you need to be in a high state all the time. This way the feelings are not stuffed, and will not emerge in a way that sabotages you and others. No judgement. Do not deny the various fragments of self that require attention and nurturing. For example, an empathic healer friend of mine really enjoys listening to the heavy metal of his adolescence to transmute frustrations with family karma. He basks the majority of the time in healing frequencies, but can also shift like a chameleon into different musical vibrations to help process the tough stuff.

Match the music to your vibe. Do you need peace and calm? Maybe try some instrumental meditation music, or mantra. Do you need to shake off some anger or frustration? Try a good metal song and feel how those guitar riffs rip the negativity right off your soul and set you free of anything that binds you. Experiment with different types of music, their vibrational qualities, and how they affect you, your mood, your mental state. Let the notes move through you and clear you out, taking you home to your truth of Being.

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