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Symbolic world: We function symbolically

Symbols manifest all around us in many, many forms. The more you notice, the more you may become overwhelmed in a pleasant sense of the sheer amount of support you receive from the universe in messages. Sometimes you can share this information with others, and other times not. Regardless, you know in the quiet truth of your heart what is true for you. Understand that there are more ways to get information than popping onto Google. The original Siri is your intuition, accessed through calm breathing and meditation.

An empowered, awakened human is able to listen to his or her intuition, and not allow anyone to dissuade he or she from what they know to be true. Sometimes we will advise someone else of an idea, a hunch, an intuitive knowing that we receive, and the recipient argues or brushes it aside. It is fine if someone does not want to take our advice, however, it is important that we own our truth and not allow someone else’s doubts to cloud our own perception. The symbolic world extends to the messages we receive as immediate feedback from the universe when we have a prayer, a question, a concern, and concepts like this. These messages can come from nature also.

Some like to get their messages in the wind, or the animals, plants, numbers, or insects they encounter in their daily activities. I had a girlfriend in high school that I took to get a Monarch butterfly tattoo on her foot; her grandmother had passed a few years earlier, and whenever she saw a Monarch she just knew it was her beloved grandmother saying hello to her. These totems do not always appear in the flesh, but also on t-shirts of people you see, or on the television, or in a photo. Some people like to work with affirmation cards, or tarot cards. Angels, ascended masters, fairies, it is all good medicine. Symbology is a vast rabbit hole of endless fun and discovery. For as long as humans have been around, medicine people have read messages from God/Great Spirit/Mother Nature in various methods to get answers, or to receive guidance. Just perusing around online you can discover a wealth of knowledge that has been passed down for centuries on a variety of these topics. All you have to do is ask, and in whatever form is safe and fun for you, answers will appear.

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