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Everything in life is a symbol, or a metaphor. Our society and culture has been built largely by them since time immemorial; beginning with songs and stories, drawings, music, all the way to archetypes today in movies and TV shows. How many times have you looked at someone and categorized them? We do it constantly. We always look for symbolic coordinates in life, making assumptions about their lives and how they live it. We are conditioned to think this way.

When you open this door of perception as the symbolic metaphor to life, you see others’ archetypes. It helps to understand why we do the things we do and live out the roles and wear the masks. This is a way of seeing and understanding the language of archetypes. When we describe people, we often list qualities of their archetypes. When we are aware we begin to open our minds to begin to view our surroundings with a new perception; we can’t avoid it. In this soul contract that we are living out, it helps to know your archetypes to understand yourself on a soul level. Your spirit pursues these archetypes and we find different scenarios and situations to live out our archetypes qualities. This isn’t to be confused with a personality. A good example is when you review your life, look at the times you felt the most natural in a situation.

In this inner impulse, the symbolic language is revealed. Poetry is a good example of another way we capture the symbolism of life; poets speak metaphorically. Life as you know it will be revealed symbolically and felt with your entire being once understood. The wind blowing and brushing your skin will activate and heighten your senses, you become alive and the flow of poetry will resonate so deep with your heart and soul that you begin to live with the grace the words expressed.

As you embody this metaphorical way of being in the world, a sunset, a smile, a wave crashing on the beach reminds you how magnificent the universe really is and further instills gratitude as the act that solidifies it. This is how we find our soul contracts and life’s mission. Archetypes are the symbolic language of the universe. It’s god’s language, and the language of the soul.

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