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Nature’s Playground

How do you connect with the world around you?

I truly feel that nature is the most epic, divine playground, filled with mystery, awe, wonder, and bountiful creations for us to explore.

It is so important to ground, or connect mindfully through walks in nature, taking our shoes off at the beach or in nature, with the natural world around us. We come from nature, and when we expire we return to nature.

I feel it is our duty to make sure our children, and all future generations in general, are connected to our beautiful planet and all the blessings provided. Unplug from your devices, leave your cellphone at home, and go to your favorite nature spot. Drink in the beauty and peace. Go climb a tree! Sit under your favorite tree, or on the grass at the park, or on the slope of an awesome nature hike. Listen to the birds, watch the insects, observe all of nature all around you as a form of medicine. Eat organic produce, and foods that are as close to nature as possible.

Nature can be a meditation if you let it. Listening to the orchestra of the birds, animals, and insects along with the breeze is a wonderful mindfulness exercise. Using all five senses to take in the environment helps you to be more present and observant of the miraculous world around you.

Allow your senses to be completely immersed in the bountiful beauty of nature.

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