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Sacred Sexuality: The Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine in Sacred Union

What is holy union? Holy union is bridging the opposites, combining the polarity, and uniting the feminine with the masculine. We all have the feminine and masculine within us at a cellular level, whether our physical biology is female or male. This is a biological composite of opposing forces, truly the yin and yang within the universe and us all. Micro and macro. We can all experience the satisfaction of unity within ourselves when we reconcile these opposing forces.

Those of us with a significant other can learn a lot from integrating the higher aspects of our gender into our relationships. This is the process of honoring one another for our individual traits, gifts, eccentricities, behaviors, and the like. Women and men respect and have reverence for each other at an archetypal level of mutual reciprocity where the love, or union, is prioritized despite any obstacles that may arise. This is the holy union, where love prevails over all opposition.

Whether you have a lifemate partner or not, you can benefit from the power of internal unification. When we feel at odds with ourselves, there is truly an experience of a schism, or discord. This affects us at a cellular level, and trickles into all aspects of our life. We may see this play out in the external world as things not working out the way we expected, or seeing patterns repeat themselves. An example of a pattern would be having issues with authority figures. This could stem from having unresolved issues with the authority figures you grew up with, like your parents, or other figures. It is important to go within to see where you may have any wobbles in your energy or thought processes regarding women, men, and their inter relationships.

The key to transformation is witnessing the error programming that has been unconsciously running you. You have to see it to own it, and then change it. Enjoy this process of observation, and evolution. See the correlation between that which lies internally being mirrored all around you in your daily life. Your relationship with yourself is the most important you will ever have, because it defines your relationships with everyone else in your life.

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