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Your Home Frequency: Vibration of Being

How do we create our own magnetic energy and stay elevated in this radiance? Today’s existence is fast paced, with a plethora of information and energies coming at us from all angles externally, in addition to what we are processing internally. How do we discern what we are processing, especially with these intersecting frequency crossroads of both super dense and super high velocity coming at us from all angles? How do we pick the right current to navigate our life? Go with how you feel. Cognitive perception is very limiting at this time. Instead, you need to feel your way through ideas, inspirations, leads, and the like, to be able to truly know which is the best path to take. Everything is energy, and the various frequencies of energy being reflected back to us are how the universe and the world at large provide us with guidance, feedback, or answers to our questions.


Understand that energy frequency is your radiant body. We all have a home frequency, or who you are resonating as your own personal vibration. This home frequency has always been inside of you, emanating from you since you were incarnated on this Earth. This is you at your best, your most authentic and comfortable self. It is your happy place. It never left. You can reintroduce yourself to this state at any time, no matter how far you may feel from it emotionally.

With this awareness of having the freewill to choose thoughts that resonate with your home frequency, you then raise your vibration. You are entirely in control of your experience. This is the new human Being in the new higher dimensional paradigm. In this new art form of our existence, we need all the tools to support our transformation in order to keep us grounded as we evolve. Our personal vibration fluctuates through these accelerated times as we are bombarded with information, and we can sometimes feel the fragility of our psyche as we get pushed and pulled to grow.


The process of transformation often leaves us feeling ultra-sensitive, confused, not knowing if what we are feeling is our own personal feeling, or that of the collective, or that of a program of the matrix. It is crucial for your well-being to not give your power away to a person in a bad mood, an ugly report on the news, some politician’s banal behavior, a rude driver on the road, or life circumstances in general. You don’t ever have to give your authority away.

Giving away your power feels like a weakening in your own strength and confidence for the sake of the approval of someone or something outside of yourself. Knowing who we are and staying strong in this space can be challenging at times in this rapid pace of existence, where time feels like its speeding up. This experience is really our consciousness coming into the present moment.


As a child, you were carefree, without a worry in the world. That’s the state you want to tap into. In the flow of divine know, we cut through our own self-deception and step away from our own neurosis and psychosis, which are all just old paradigm bad habits. It is so easy to be distracted from our home frequency! Always be on guard. You are a jedi. When things are thrown at us to derail our path, you are able to discern the clutter with awareness. Staying in your own home frequency is leading by example and that IS the A BUN DANCE

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