August 19, 2019


Luke Storey: bio-hacker, and truly the Rolls Royce of wellness.


For the past 18 years, I have explored and experimented with so many healing modalities and when I met Luke Storey in my Kundalini teacher training, I was in awe of his journey and our shared passion.


I had finally met someone my age that was on a mission to bio-hack through the old paradigm belief systems, heal past childhood wounds, and take responsibility for their wellness/high vibe lifestyle.  I resonated with this and so much more that he shared on his epic podcast, which is part of where I found inspiration in starting my own. Thanks to Luke, I am sharing my passion for creating the life I know I was meant to live. The truth is, we all have the potential to rise above but somehow allow limitations that hold us back, looping in the same patterns.  


Luke is a former celebrity fashion stylist turned bio-hacker with all the knowledge to re-calibrate and reinvent a life that is more self-honoring, nurturing, and balanced. This is your fast pass to optimal health. And a great opportunity to shop in his wellness superstore. ( Really, there’s SO much to discover and explore at lukestorey.com ) In all seriousness, I have yet to come across a more knowledgeable person on all things wellness. He has completely transformed his life for the better and is now sharing with you a mega wealth of information and a road map for your own growth. 



No more second guessing yourself; just listen, get inspired, and get motivated. Like always: think big, explore, and feel more.


Big love

Gina xx



  • Being addicted to dopamine

  • Having a spiritual awakening the first day of rehab

  • Getting caught up in external validation

  • Rebirthing through breathwork

  • How to live fully present

  • Emotional hangovers

  • Taking responsibility for yourself 

  • A life in the now is a life without suffering

  • Eckhart Tolle

  • Author Byron Katie

  • Fight or flight 

  • The importance of a strong sense of self

  • The problem is not the problem

  • Reparenting your inner child 

  • Co-dependent relationships

  • Sacred self care

  • Conscious parenting 

  • The common denominator of happiness

  • How we are disconnected from nature 

  • How humans have put themselves in a zoo living in cages

  • How we have evolved to be outdoors

  • How to use the Sun for healing

  • Red light therapy 

  • What is the Bates Method

  • Getting into our Primal nature

  • Five rhythms in Topanga Canyon

  • Using movement as medicine 

  • Tracking sleep with an Oura ring

  • How safe is kratom  anyway

  • Neurofeedback sessions to help sleep 

  • Peak brain Institute in West LA

  • Clearlight infrared saunas 

  • Getting your mind into a Theta state 

  • A variety of breathing techniques

  • Getting to the root of the trauma

  • Awesome supplements to boost testosterone

  • Luke’s ultimate morning biohack coffee recipe

  • Microdosing story while attending a Tony Robbins event 

  • What is a solar callus and why everybody needs them







Connect with LUKE


 The Life Stylest Podcast with Luke Storey
















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