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Art Of Mindful Movement

As women, claiming our feminine wealth

gifts us with self-esteem, radiant beauty,

physical glow and flow in life. This is the 

connectedness we all desire to

feel whole, complete, and aligned with our

infinite potential and our inherent bond with the

 world around us. When we awaken into

these feminine principles, we live life as

powerful, graceful, spiritual beings.


Just like it takes a village to raise children, it

takes a community of women to support one

another in these common goals to

demonstrate the true power of feminity.

Together, we can initiate and ignite our true potential.

"Your heart knows the way.

Run in that direction."

- Rumi

Join us in an Activated Feminine Session

When: Mondays at 7-9 PM PST

What you need: ZOOM access, a journal & an open heart

Suggested: $35/class

Sign up here:

The Activated Feminine

A Group Session of Connection, Community & Women's Teachings

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