the art of mindful movement

Art Of Mindful Movement

Ground yourself and establish success for your day by addressing the body-mind-spirit during a morning practice infused with movement, gratitude, breathwork, and a card-pull for the group.

Kundalini yoga is the primary source and foundation for many of these movements which are very healing for anyone who wants to relax, relieve stress,and feel happier. 


The practice of this transformative technology, which was brought over to the West by Yogi Bhajan, gives you an opportunity to feel more connected to yourself and increase your sense of well-being.  The consistent daily practice of these mindful movements has created some powerful changes in my life.  If you want to feel good and improve the quality of your life, 

"The Art Of Mindful Movement" is for You!



with Gina Maron (online class)


Class offerings include:

Kundalini Yoga , Breathwork , and more...

This is a special FREE online version offered as a form of community support to stay

 connected during this time of isolation and social distancing

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