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To be caught in a train or mode of thought that is not original is a form of virtual reality engagement. This is surrendering personal power and ideas to those

Trust that you can be a master of your life, rather than feeling overwhelmed by it. What you do for yourself, you do for others...

When we are in the midst of awakening on our spiritual journey, there may be intense cycles of internal upheaval that I like to call post traumatic spiritual...

It’s pitch black, there is no cell service, you have no GPS and have no idea how to get home. When you have no reference point to a destination, you often feel

Do you see your life as abundant?Do you know what abundance is? Abundance is seeing beauty and opportunities all around. Life is magical, it happens for you, no

Sometimes life can cause you to get derailed from your power for a mere moment, but you always have the tools and the fortitude to shift the derailment and get back on board with more enthusiasm than the last time

Cacao can be used as a sacred portal in meditation to open us up to new information that we are seeking, or to receive divine inspiration. This superfood aligns your sensual intelligences to increase your potency in all ways.

We now exist and thrive in the new paradigm. In this new paradigm, our world is profoundly rich with significance. Everyone you meet, every word you speak, and every thought you think has an infinite amount of power for creating.

Being present as a spiritual practice is a seriously challenging art form of human interconnectivity these days with all the technology and hectic timelines of our days. If we can take the time to connect everyday with our children, our partner, and our friends, we wil...

I have come to believe that we are deeply inhibited, held back from the true experiences of self that are wanting to emerge from our core essence. I believe we need a lack of structure to allow the language of the body, and thus the language of the soul, to come to the...

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